Neta Scientific, Inc. Environmental, Health and Safety Policy

Neta Scientific, Inc. is committed to protecting the environment, and the health and safety of our employees, customers, suppliers, and the communities where we work. We hold ourselves responsible to the commitments made in our corporate-wide Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Policy and also implement programs to ensure we meet its intent and expectations. All employees and senior business leaders are responsible for ensuring we meet our EHS Policy expectations.


Neta Scientific, Inc.’s EHS Policy is implemented through an EHS Management System that involve all levels of the Company. Our performance is regularly reviewed to ensure that the Policy continues to be of value to our business and its stakeholders, and revised as needed to reflect current conditions.


To achieve this, we:


  1. Ensure Neta Scientific operations, products and services follow environmental, health and safety regulations and additional company, corporate, government, and municipal requirements.
  2. Ensure Neta Scientific suppliers, vendors, customers, and partners operate within the same or comparable standards.
  3. Drive continual improvement in environmental sustainability through recycling conservation of resources, prevention of pollution, product development, promotion of environmental responsibility among our employees.
  4. Develop an environmental, health and safety management system aligned to risk assessment, risk minimization, and performance reporting.
  5. Ensure managers and employees are trained and accountable for preventing work related injuries and supply wellness programs that contribute to the productivity, health, and wellbeing of employees. 

Neta Scientific, Inc. is taking strides related to Environmental, Health & Safety:

Environmental Performance & Disclosure

Safe and healthy workplace


Review and Documentation Policy

This policy is reviewed and approved annually by Neta Scientific, Inc. executive management and applies to Neta Scientific Inc. operations in the U.S. Printed copies of this document are uncontrolled.